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If you are looking for the best easy on the eye, impressive cellphone handset that packs a punch in terms of its capabilities and functionality, then look no further than the Moto X by Motorola. You will soon discover with our MotoX review just how clever the developers of this handset were when they put their heads together.
At first glance, you may wonder what all the bullshit is about over this phone. After all, the screen size may not be as big as expected, and it lacks an expansion slot like you would find with the Galaxy S4. Do not be fooled into thinking that the MotoX manufacturers were not aware of its shortcomings. Heck, no! This baby makes up in terms of affordability, superb quality and super reliable performance
The designers of this phone took it one step further. We invite you to check out our MotoX review and see for yourself what all the fuzz is about.

MotoX Features

The Motorola is sure to impress even hard core Android fan boys and girls. It has a great camera that is swift enough to take pics of your buddies on the fly. Best of all, you only have to twist your wrist twice to get the camera working. iPhone lovers will soon notice the similarities between the MotoX and Apple phones. It is a case of appealing to the masses rather than getting involved in a spec race.

One particular feature we found astonishing is the Moto Assist. Hells bells! Who would have thought you’ll get a phone one day that can tell you are driving, then switch itself to read any incoming message aloud, and even respond to any text messages you got. Not too mention that any meeting notifications will be silenced, while your phone, simply lets the sender know “Sorry, I am occupied right now”. It is crazy, but it is true.

But wait, there is more as our MotoX review will soon reveal. Moto Maker’s customizing capabilities is a breath of fresh air for any prospective or existing smartphone user. Take the rich and bright OLED screen of the 5.2 inch MotoX. It is said to be on par with the Galaxy S5 in terms of richness and clarity. What a way to go. Good on you Motorola. Overall, the display is both vibrant and makes it really easy to play games, watch videos and enjoy crystal clear images.
One more feature that we found to be really cool is the signature M-dimple. What the heck is that, you may ask? Well, it is super handy anchor for your finger during talktime that comes in pretty useful on hot or cold days, when your fingers start slipping as your smartphone becomes a little clammy.

Would you believe it that you can further customize the look of your phone by visiting the Moto Maker website? Not sure, whether Aussies are able to partake in the customization features. As far as we know, they can make use of the bamboo finish, or the black resin MotoX. Most users can make their selection from 17 colors, 4 types of wood phones as well as 4 leather dyes.

Looking Cool with the MotoX

How cool wouldn’t be if you could simply wave your hand over the front sensors of your MotoX to silence it. You can even check your most recent notifications this way. Then again, with Moto Voice, you simply say your say, and Moto listens to your commands. As long as you give it enough time to respond, you will be fine. Man, anyone not knowing any better, will think you are a magician.
Other really cool features include the usage manager where you can keep tabs of your data consumption and how much power your battery has left. In terms of media support, ease of use, portability, durability, battery life, display, design, reception and call quality, the MotoX got an average rating of around 9.5 from users.

What is more, the 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of the MotoX is incredibly fast in how easily it launches and closes your apps .

In conclusion to our MotoX review, one thing is for sure, the Moto X is the kinda of phone that just sits right and feels good to have. In spite of it not featuring any extravagant high end hardware, we found that it looks and feel far more futuristic than its rivals.

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